Pen Tech introduces new FPR repair service for Triskan TS8 Pen Tech introduces new FPR repair service for Triskan TS8

Pen Tech, the service arm of Pen Mobile, has added a fixed price repair tariff for the Triskan TS8 to the portfolio.

A Fixed Price Repair (FPR) means the customer can see at a glance what the anticipated repair cost will be spread across 3 levels based on the severity of the problem which is usually easily self diagnosed. Once the customer has decided to proceed, all they need to do is complete the online RMA form, print the resulting page and ship with the unit. They will get an email confirmation with a tracking link to monitor progress of the job.

Target repair turnaround is 7-10 working days but Pen Tech is usually quicker. Daily average repair times are automatically updated and made visible online and today the average turnaround time is 5.01 working days for completed repairs from the last 100 jobs received. (Data averaged by completed units on 24th Jan 2013 21:30).

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BBC - Parking Mad documentary - Pen Mobile PMP handheld parking enforcement BBC screens interview with Pen Mobile Solutions at Parkex as part of their documentary into the parking industry "Parking Mad" to get the inside view of latest developments in technology for this sector.

The Parking Mad documentary recently screened on BBC1 (8/1/13) undertook an in depth review of on street parking in the UK and the social and legal issues arising. Focus was also given to the parking management industry and the latest developments in technology being brought to this market. This included an interview with Les Morley, the MD of Pen Mobile Solutions Ltd. Pen Mobile is a leading IT software and solutions company in the mobile computing market and has a division (PenParking) specifically dedicated to serve the interests of this sector. The interview was shot at, and included footage of Parkex, Europe's leading Parking Management Expo, at which Pen Parking announced the launch of their latest patrol and parking management software PMP3, the culmination of 2 years of development. The software package has integrated the latest technological advancements with user friendly graphic User Interface and intuitive navigation, reflecting one of the core principles of developments undertaken by the Pen group; namely a strong focus on the end user's requirements, programme usability, and ease of induction and familiarisation. A number of councils and major car park operators have either adopted, or are in the process of evaluating this latest solution.

Pen Parking is a member of the BPA and is strongly committed to good and ethical governance of the parking industry and the adoption of best practice, whilst at the same time developing advanced IT solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

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Congratulations to Aaron on winning Big Brother 2011
BB Aaron Allard MorganBig Brother fans - you will know that Aaron 'Holy Moly' Allard-Morgan is the 2011 BB winner. Why do we care? Because Aaron is one of the team here at Pen and we have been rooting for him for the last 10 weeks. However, he is in the dog house because he has not been taking his turn at making the coffee - being locked in the BB house for 10 weeks is no excuse. We have therefore kidnapped his special 'Glee' mug (yes I'm afraid he was singing songs from the shows before he hit your TV screens) and are going to auction this amazing prize via on ebay - all proceeds going to Children in Need. So 'Bids in to Win' and give Pudsey (and us) a treat!

This auction has ended and all proceeds have been donated - thank you for your bids
Big Brother is watching

. . . or more to the point: are you watching Big Brother?

Pen Mobile is pleased to have been supportive enough of Aaron Allard Morgan to allow him a couple of weeks off to enter the house as a contestant. website launched

The new website will showcase Datalogic products available through Pen Mobile, a Datalogic Centre of Excellence.

Working in Partnership is fundamental to our approach to business. It applies to our customers but just as importantly to manufacturers and suppliers. That is why we are pleased to harness the strengths and qualities of Datalogic Mobile, a world class company, to our own expertise as an auto id solutions provider

We have a long experience of working with all the major manufacturers of mobility hardware, PDAs, scanners, printers and tablets. However one company - Datalogic Mobile - has stood out over the last few years in terms of the quality of its products, the speed of delivery and most importantly - their customer centric approach; all of the things that are important to us and you. When it comes to pulling out all the stops, Datalogic Mobile is the company we turn to with confidence - knowing that if it can be done, it will be done.

Datalogic Mobile have a great product line up, competitively priced and supported by some serious R & D investment into new models and technologies. Our values are based on delivering the best possible solutions for our customers, and working with Datalogic makes that a lot easier.

When will my batteries fail?

The glib answer is "usually at the busiest possible time when I really need all my Data Collection Equipment to be working perfectly!"

That may strike a chord with many of you but is not much use in helping you to manage your business and avoid problems. The simple answer is "There is no simple answer". You can only recharge a battery so many times before it ceases to be effective and when that happens, it won't hold its charge for a full shift and may affect the programs you are running on your equipment leading to systems crashing and data loss. Lots of factors have an impact - the battery chemistry, the charging cycle, even the temperature at which they are stored and the environment in which they are used.

buy batteries online to suit symbol motorola denso psion datalogic telxon hhp intermec casio LXE percon zebra etc

This "Quick Guide" may give you some useful pointers.

  • In general your batteries should be replaced at the minimum once every two years.
  • Lithium Ion Batteries (LiI) - are now the most popular type as they are a more consumer friendly and effective product. Unlike Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) they do not suffer from "charging memory" (see below) which means that they can be charged up to full even when they are only partially discharged. They take about 12 hours to fully charge from scratch. Typically they last for around 500 cycles before they start to fail. If your equipment is being used 6 days a week, that is about 20 months - just over a year and a half.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) are also quite common but they only last about 350 charging cycles - just over a year on a 6 day working week. These batteries should always be fully discharged before charging where possible as they become conditioned to remember how long they should last. If you consistently use 50% of your battery capacity and constantly top up from this point, these batteries will cease to have the ability to hold any more than 50% of their original capacity, even if subsequently fully discharged and charged up again.
  • With rigorous and effective battery management, tests have shown that batteries can be made to last significantly longer. But regrettably, all too often, the state of your batteries only becomes an issue after they have failed - and by then the impact on your day to day operations is already unavoidable. Plan ahead and avoid the pain.
  • A recent survey of over 100 customers selected at random gave PenTech a ringing endorsement for its quality of service.

    Over half the respondents scored "Excellent" and another 36% as good. Only 7% thought that we were satisfactory or average. Thankfully, nobody thought we were poor.

    Jerry Ross-Edwards who is in day to day charge of Operations stated

    "Naturally we are really delighted with these results. The customers were selected at random and the response was terrific so this gives us a really good insight into what our customers think and what is important to them. Of course we are never satisfied - we are already planning on how to improve service, reduce turnaround times and provide even more value to our customers"

    PenTech was recently launched as a distinct division with its own brand within the Pen Mobile Group, bringing together Repair and Maintenance, Installations and Surveys into a focused Technical Services team. It continues to expand in response to strong growth in customer and repair volumes whilst maintaining its focus on customer service and value.

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    Pen Tech - the new Technical Services division               May 2010

    Repairs and Maintenance have grown from strength to strength, and we have welcomed several major new customers this year. To ensure that this important area gets the appropriate management focus and investment, the various activities around Repairs, On site Maintenance, Site Surveys and Installations have been pulled together into Pen Technical Services division - Pen Tech for short. Plans for further expansion are already in hand to make sure that we have the skills and resources to meet our customers' needs.

    Our customers deserve good service at a competitive price so our new Pen Tech web site will not only give you an indication of price for Fixed Price Repairs, but will also be updated on a daily basis with our SLA performance and turnaround times. We are prepared to set the bar and for the world to judge how well we do.

    Whatever your needs, talk to Pen Tech. Our business is to make your problems go away.

    Pen Mobile gets a gong               March 2010

    Well not a gong exactly - but a very nice glass sculpture for winning the prestigious VARlink award for Outstanding Retail Applications Sales 2009. Representing Pen Mobile at the awards ceremony was Carole Yeates, a long time and senior member of the Customer Accounts team - all the more appropriate as Carole was the outstanding Account Manager for Retail Application Sales within Pen Mobile last year. As usual, the identity of the winners was a well kept secret, and her surprise and delight when the award was announced was clear to see and hear!!

    Rachelle Ross Edwards, Marketing Director commented ..

    'Itís highly gratifying to be recognised by colleagues within the industry. I am very pleased for the sales team who have worked exceedingly hard throughout 2009 when the economic climate was particularly difficult. This was a team effort and they are all delighted to be recognised. The retail industry went through a torrid time last year and we work very closely with our customers to ensure that they get the right products at the right price.'

    The award has taken pride of place in the trophy cabinet alongside the 2008 award for Outstanding Sales Growth. Will it be three in a row in 2010? Well we shall certainly try - and maybe with your help - who knows?

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